Some testimonials

"Thanks for teaching me how to drive! Brilliant instructor, would definitely recommend."
Francis, from Radcliffe

"I passed my driving test in Oct 2014 and passed 1st time.I had just under 40 hours driving time with Julie, she is a great driving instructor, she is pleasant and easy going with nervous drivers. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to drive no matter what age. Many thanks Julie for helping me have the confidence and believing in my ability"
Melanie, from Radcliffe

"Many thanks Julie, you have given me wings and did it in minimal time. I am really thankful"
Linda Miles (43), Bury


"Thank you Julie, your teaching skills are expertly passed on and due to you, I managed to pass first time with confidence"
Philip Masters, from Radcliffe

"I could not believe I passed my driving test first time so quickly! Brilliant!"
Sam Jones (18), Ramsbottom

"The thought of driving a car myself terrified me! A few months later and I had past my test. My confidence had grown and it wouldn't have been possible without having an incredible instructor to help me. Would definitely recommend!"
Charlotte, from Bury

"I started my driving lessons in Cheshire but they were not going well, and my boyfriend Chris, in Bury, recommended Julie. I took one lesson and carried on coming back to Bury until I passed, first time!"
Kay Russell (17), Cheshire